Stealth is now completed at Thorpe Park, take a look back at the construction of Thorpe’s icon coaster, with exclusive pictures and videos, only at Thorpe Park UK.

Situated on the former Model World/Flying Fish site Stealth is a launched coaster designed and built by Intamin (colossus) and is set to stand at 200 feet with a very similar design to Kingda Ka in America, just a smaller version.

Name: Stealth
Height: 62.5 metres (approx 208 feet)
Colour: Low levels Black/Blue, High Levels Blue/White
Manufacturer: Intamin
Theme: Racing
Opened: 2006
Height Restrictions: 1.4 Metres
On Ride Photo? Yes
Number of Trains: 3 (2 to be in use at 1 time)
Area Location: Amity Cove


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March 16th 2005 – Land clearing starts

April 29th 2005 – Some small pieces of land cleared, the main site is due to be started in May.

May 6th 2005 – Ground work and clearing of both the Fish and Model World sites have now begun.

May 9th 2005 – Ground work now well under way, and all of a sudden progress looks like its being made fast!

June 7th – Ground work clear, work on land filling and footers have started.

July 7th 2005 – Footers are nearly done, a lot going on on the site, hopefully not to long till steal arrives.

July 21st 2005 – Lots of work going on site, footers are now complete, new banners are about to go up. Vertical construction is now happening

August 1st 2005 – Buildings going up fast and is already taking shape all along the track line, the board is now completely open to view

September 4th 2005 – Loads has happened in a month with buildings and launch section ready for track