In what could be one of the strangest moves for 2018 it looks as though Walking Dead id very much here to stay at Thorpe Park for the next season. X the parks ride and sound coaster and one which has been a family favourite for the past few years since its last re-theme is set for a re-theme in 2018 under the code name XNWO WD.

The ride previously known as X Now Way Out (XNWO) was the worlds first and only backwards roller coaster in the dark until 2013 when it re-opened with new restraints and facing forwards, but could this mean the ride is in for a complete change once again and possibly a return to backwards?

What we know

The existing portal entrance to the building which has been there since 1996 will be removed and replaced with a watch tower standing at 8.57 meters which is slightly taller than the entrance portal which is there at the moment. The tower will have 2 levels at 5.28 meters and 7.38 meters although these are expected to be used in anyway will contain a fake generator.

Once inside the portal the bag drop off point will once again return to the entrance area meaning the one currently inside the ride will be removed, this isn’t the first time its been at the entrance however is likely to mean more a a themed walk to the attraction. From here a new Pre-show will be added just inside the building, its unknown if this is a stop pre show or something to queue through.

A new exit will also be built to go along side a new queuing area, a huge over 3 meter chain linked fenced will go up with barbed wire across the top, think Saw queue and you will be close. This is in addition to a much larger queue outside the front.

So the WD in the code name and the clues by Thorpe of “See you in the safe zone” looks set that this will be a Walking Dead make over for 2018. This is a little sad given its the parks family roller coaster and we certainly hope that Loggers Leap and Slammer re-open/replaced as family attractions. What are your thoughts? Head over to our Facebook page and share your view.