The event that starts off the year in style is the Animal Adventures run during half term in February, unlike previous years of behind the scenes Giraffe tours the park this year used the Panda show area in the Zoo for a new show, How to be a Zoo Keeper live!

The show lasting about 15 minutes was a narrated story of the adventures of a day in the life of a Zoo Keeper. With audience (children) participation it included animals on stage including Sheep and Skunk. The are for the show is still not the best and it was a real shame this wasn’t done on the Gruafflo main stage in Africa, for the youngsters this was a good show for over this wasn’t the show the park have put on.

In addition to the show several rides and attractions were open, they included Hocus Pocus Hall, AMAZU, Tiny Truckers, Scorpion Express and the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure.

Overall the Giraffe tours added something really special to previous events, however complaints that hotel guests filled the spaces leaving nothing fair for booking is most likely the reason it wasn’t run this season. The show albeit not suitable for all ages did serve a purpose, given Creepy Caves Unearthed last season we were hoping for a little more from February, given that it was a great day out.