Welcome to features, below is a collection of pictures and reports from many previous events and constructions that’s happened at the park, simply click on the links below to see more.

eXpo 2018 – The all The Walking Dead The Ride opened in 2018 and Thorpe Park said goodbye to the previous versions of the old ride. Join us as we look through some of the old parts of the ride and enjoy two talks on the night.

Love Island Late’s 2018 – Join in the Love Island fun with the best replica sets from the show along with late night riding!

Zombie Hunt 2018 – Get set to take your gun and go shoot some Zombies! In the year of the Walking Dead Thorpe Park introduced a new experience for the Summer in an all new lie action laser shooting game!

I’m a Celebrity: Get me out of Here Press Night – The all new attraction for 2015 opened to a special few the day before launch, we were lucky enough to be included so take a look at some pictures from the night and our special review of this new family attraction.

PS2 Weekender – As the PS2 Weekender made its way around the country, one stop was at Thorpe Park for the bank holiday weekend, and it wasn’t that busy! It brought T4, games, and two excellent bands performing a couple of tracks, Feeder and Razorlight.

Fright Nights – Looking back to Thorpe’s biggest event of the year, Fright Nights! With exclusive coverage going back to the first year in 2002, see how Thorpe have managed to scare people over the years, and how the park shapes up in the dark!

Construction – A look back at some of the recent construction in Thorpe Parks history, this includes three of the coasters, Nemesis Inferno, SAW – The Ride and Stealth, with exclusive videos from stealth and SAW, and from rush in other construction.

Braniac 2015 – Time for you to get involved in the experiments as Brainiac hit Thorpe Park for half term 2015, with rides, side attractions and a full Brainiac show this was a fantastic family event.

Thorpe Blast 2007, 2008 – Thorpe have been seeing out the year with a massive fireworks events, check out coverage from 2007 and 2008.

Thorpe Park Blow it Up in 2011 – Fireworks return to the park with a massive bang! Check out the 2011 Blow it Up event.

Past Events – A look at some of the other events that Thorpe Park have on during the year, starting in 2008 with pictures from Fifa Street 3.

Swarm Hill Climb – An amazing experience in climbing one of Thorpe Parks roller coasters, this one being the 127 foot Swarm.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Press Night – The welcoming of the Ghost Train to Thorpe Park!