Just a few tips!

At Chessington, there are many ways that you can Beat the Queues, some cost extra, some just tips, take a note below of all the ideas for you to Beat the Queues, and really enjoy your day at Chessington.

Get to the park 30 minutes before opening. Do not arrive late and wonder why it’s busy! The first hour of the park try to avoid Vampire however tempting. From The grass car park: Dragon’s Fury, Kobra, Tuk Tuk Turmoil, Jungle Bus, Monkey Swinger, Dragon Falls, Tomb Blaster, ZUFARI, Rameses Revenge can be done in the first 90 minutes with very little queues if you move fast. On a busy day the park will get very busy, with Fastrack not starting until 11am the first hour (even with little ones) is very important. If you just have little ones start with low capacity rides: Tiny Truckers, Toadies Crazy Cars, Jungle Bouncers, Jungle Bus, Temple of Mayhem then ZUFARI and into Land of the Dragons.

Plan your day, take time to use the information here on Chessington UK to have a plan, use our tips and tricks to get the most out of your visit.

If your on your own remember to try and use single rider, when operating on selected rides, you could reduce your queuing time by filling gaps on the rides.

Brave Adventurer Fastrack
Vampire, Dragon’s Fury and Dragon Falls
£16 £14.40
Wild Adventurer Fastrack
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!, Tomb Blaster and Scorpion Express
£13 £11.70
Fearless Adventurer Fastrack
KOBRA, Rattlesnake and Rameses Revenge
£12 £10.80
Young Adventurer Fastrack
Flying Jumbos, Peeking Heights and Toadie’s Crazy Cars
£7 £6.30
Explorer Fastrack – dates after 18th April
The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!, Vampire, Seastorm, Dragon’s Fury, KOBRA, Monkey Swinger, Dragon Falls, Tomb Blaster, Flying Jumbos, Toadie’s Crazy Cars, Scorpion Express, Rattlesnake and Rameses Revenge
£45 £40.50
Ultimate Fastrack
Unlimited Fastrack access to all Fastrack rides all day for one person, including The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure
£70 £63

Single Shot fastrack prices:

The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure
Available after 18th April only
Vampire £6
Dragon’s Fury £6
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa! £5
Scorpion Express £5
Dragon Falls £5
Tomb Blaster £4
Seastorm £4
Toadie’s Crazy Cars £3
Flying Jumbos £3

These prices have been taken from the Chessington site as updated 19/03/17, please beware we won’t be responsibly for changes in prices at the park and always recommend you visit the official site when financial planning.