Over the weekend the stars of the global phenomenal that is The Walking Dead were in London, we caught up with Ross Marquand, AKA Aaron from the show and during our time with him, educated him on Thorpe Park and the new roller coaster based on the show The Walking Dead: The Ride.

The American born actor may not have been all that familiar with Thorpe Park at first, but after a little education and explanation about the new attraction, Ross said the ride certainly sounded cool and was happy to pose for a picture with the new Thorpe Park pop badge for The Walking Dead: The Ride exclusively for UK Theme Parks.

From the parks press release:

The exclusive immersive and terrifying experience comes complete with state of the art special effects, a replica of the iconic watch tower, and will be the ultimate test of riders’ mettle.
The Walking Dead: The Ride is the latest new attraction for the Surrey based theme park and will open in Easter 2018. 
As the UK’s first and only multi-sensory and multi-part rollercoaster, the experience invites thrill seekers to flee The Walking Dead in a relentless and terrifying ride for survival.
Travelling through the deepest, darkest tunnels, it will feature extensive and realistic theming to bring some of the most compelling and gruesome scenes from all seasons of The Walking Dead to life.

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