Well there’s little times when a park celebrate the closing of one of its areas, however Chessington have done just that with Beanoland… And why not! Beanoland has always appealed to adults and children, and was instrumental in Chessington’s change to a family park. Beanoland opened in 2000 with two rides Billy’s Whizzer, a wave swinger ride, and Roger the Dodgers Dodgems, a dodgems ride. Over the next couple of years, these were joined by Dennis’ Madhouse, brought in from the closed dome, and the Bash Street Bus, a small children’s bus ride. With the area unchanged with rides right up until its closure.

10 years on, and Beanoland is now closed, however, it didn’t go out without a fight, well, a custard pie fight! But before we get to that, a look back at the finer details of Beanoland, like only Chessington UK would, then onto the closing day.

Beanoland – 2000 to 2009

So how does the story end, well with a huge custard pie fight! As Chessington go for the world record, at 5pm on Sunday 20th September 2009, a huge number of children, and adults got involved in a huge custard pie fight, which, covered the whole of Beanoland!

A very well arranged event, the pie fight went on for about 30 minutes, with an amazing atmosphere, and incredible fun! The pictures say the rest…!