Go Ape! Chessington – Get ready to Go Ape at Chessington with 2 new Treetop Adventures!

Chessington Safari Hotel – Stay at Chessington and enjoy views like no other as you look over the zoo African Village.

Glamping – Take a luxury tent instead of a hotel and enjoy Chessington over a couple of days in style.

Chessington Azteca Hotel – The all new 69 room hotel for 2014 (August) will feature all new themed rooms to enhance your stay.

Annual Pass Information – Information on the Main Annual Pass, and the Chessington Annual Pass.

Beat the queues – Tips and Tricks on what could help you beat the queues on your day out, including Express Pass information.

Where to eat – Eating at the park? Take a look at all the food locations around the park so you can place the meal.

Height and Restrictions – For health and safety, expect Chessington to be tight on the guidelines, ensure you don’t waste time queuing for something the children are too small for!

This years events – Information on the parks events for the current season, which ends with Halloween Hocus Pocus.

Park information – General information about the park, facilities offered by the park, and travel numbers to contact.

Ride Photography – Keep the memories forever, see which rides you can buy on-ride photos from

For opening times and admission prices please be sure to check the official Chessington page, these are subject to change more than other information and we want to make sure you get the most up-to-date information!