Fun and thrilling Storm Surge may not have been new ride but for the park, it’s something different.

Whilst many don’t like this ride I’m at length to understand why! Once you have climbed in your boat which holds six people, you take a slow climb up the 64 feet lift hill, providing some great views of the park. From here you hit the water and start heading to the bottom, the ride is cornered all the way down with pads on the inside of the track to help boat spin more and more all the way to the bottom.

Once at the bottom the splash comes, and although that may not get you wet the sprinkler over the top will change that, along the people spraying you with water.


Height: 64 feet
Length: 3 mins approx
Manufacturer: White Water West
On Ride Photo? No
Year Opened: 2011
Intensity: Thrilling and Fun

Guests must be over 1.1 metres, guests under 1.2 metres must be accompanied by an adult.

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