Here is some construction from Chessington 2017
January 1st
– From first sight there is a lot going on at Chessington in 2017, on the day The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure was announced we headed to the park to have a look at some of the progress ahead of the new season. First a look at some of the close season maintenance, with Sea Storm already being put back together the potential of a February half term are possibly on this year. In addition after the work on the exterior last year new work around the control booth has also been carried out.
The Black Buccaneer on the other hand has been completely stripped down, looking over at where the ride stood, there is nothing there. Having a look around the supports and indeed the boat are close by whilst extensive work is carried out. Lets hope it also gets painted. Under the radar slightly Creepy Caves has been closed for the Winter events with the exterior being touched up and work likely being carried out on the inside running into the new year, a few animal enclosures are currently empty around the resort.
Chessington have 2 new attractions for 2017, with the old Carousel removed from the park the new Adventure Tree Carousel gives new life to the classic theme park ride, with it also being relocated at the front of the Chessington Shop rather than the back. With the other new attraction the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure taking over Transylvania for 2017, work in Transylvania continues with buildings updated, with some bright colours coming from the new Gruffalo building, we can’t wait to see the finished result!

February 11th – The park is now open for Animal Adventures and since our last visit to the park on the 21st January, a lot has gone on at the park as it all comes together for the new season ahead.
From previous visits to round a few older points off, there is no changes in the Gruffalo area, no sign of the new Carousel yet and Creepy Caves is still undergoing refurbishment for the new season. From previous visits to cover off Black Buccaneer is still in pieces, however the ship and the supports have been re-painted assuming ready to put back together and as you can see from the pictures below, looks good! The old Carousel area has been slightly smoothed over as work continues.
As areas of the park open up it becomes obvious some of the changes for the 2017 season starting in the “Africa” area of the park. The Penguin stage show as previously rumored is no more and will be replaced with a Gruffalo story show inline with the Gruffalo coming to Chessington in the form of the new attraction. However, in addition it looks possible that the Hoppers may well get another retheme/rename for the 2017 season with questions then if there is actually anything Africa which will remain.
Up the top end of the park the drinks building just inside the entrance opposite Dragons Fury will now be a new Nitrogenie outlet, already in place looking set to follow Thorpe Park and Alton Towers success with the brand. The Rattlesnake cars are located outside Dragons Fury which is great for some close up looks. Whilst the snow comes down from the Children’s zoo some new fence graphics, whilst in the background not only is the Scorpion Express queue being stream cleaned but also the ride was testing.

March 4th¬†EXCLUSIVE – What a difference a couple of weeks make at the park as the new season closes in, with some big news to report here first. Transylvania is no more, with Wild Wood moving from the lawn over to the Transylvania area, spelling the end of one of the most popular areas the park has seen. No changes are expected to the Vampire. With this comes some new signage (Toilets pictured, you’ll notice the Vampire Bat to) with Gruffalo signs also starting to appear as the ride comes closer. However it’s not only Transylvania which has left Chessington in 2017 as original area Market Square is also no more, replaced with “Adventure Point” which will include the new Adventure Tree Carousel which is starting to take shape and is looking good.
Signage and the wonderful floor of Adventure Point have already been updated for the new season, with what looks like the Hotdogs relocated in the old shooting game area.
Extra detail has been added to Sea Storm with Black Buccaneer also back together. Rides are running ready for opening with that said wouldn’t expect the Carousel to open next week. Gruffalo comes along nicely, with the first look at one of the models below and the boats for the ride sitting ready in Adventure Point to go in. Creepy Caves signs have now been completely removed although a refurbishment seems to be happening a potential name change is on the way, with this the old enclosure in Trail of the Kings has now been split in two, but does remain empty.
Finally although we told you first the new Nitrogenie will be located outside Wild Asia (which the new sign confirms) the old Hot Dog building in Adventure Point is now purple inside and out, with Nitrogenie personal coming in and out of the building would suggest perhaps Chessington will be getting two.

March 12th – Annual pass weekend brings a chance to look around the park at some of the changes. On previous updates both the Gruffalo and Carousel construction continues however what was thought to be a refurbishment of Creepy Caves has actually resulted in the closure of the attraction. Vampire has had some extra pieces added, with some new theme but more importantly new Air gates on the entrance and exit to the ride. New water guns are being installed at Dragon Falls with new fences over the bridge and an odd single rider added to the attraction itself. Finally Rameses had had some landscaping done with bushes removed but its on the Black Buccaneer with major changes to the station layout to allow on and off the ride on the same side, this is due to fixed gates added to help with loading of the ride.

September 9th 2017 – The park are now preparing for Halloween with Creepy Caves announced as a new maze, theme is appearing around the park ready for the start of the event. On the construction from, the pond in Africa area has been removed and is likely going to be grassed over.

September 28th 2017 – As close season approaches Mystic East was closed on the 11th of September and the area is already being stripped back with Peeking Heights already removed. Adverts for the Tigers coming in 2018 are up as the park look to get it open for Spring next year. Rameses Revenge is also currently closed, the preparations for the new Creepy Caves Halloween maze is underway in addition to the pond area in Africa now grassed over.

October 14th 2017 – Only a month on and Mystic East is already torn apart, with much landscaping complete, trees and bushes cut back as ground work on the new enclosures is already underway. Be sure to check out out You Tube channel for a small Vlog of the construction so far.

October 21st 2017 – Updated advertising for Tiger Rock has been added by Hocus Pocus Hall with extended fence now complete on the Penguin enclosure.

October 29th 2017 – The Tiger rock promotional area has been upgraded once again to include a Tiger, with the addition of it being added to the Howloween map.