Here is some construction from Chessington 2016
January 24th
– Safari Skyway will now be removed by the park and they are already removing track, Trail of the Kings 2016 upgrade is underway whilst works in Transylvania kick off. The Reindeers are being moved to a new home with the parks new show on the former site.

February 15th – No rides are open for half term, with lots of work still going on around the park, rides still stripped back, more cosmetic changes in Sea Storm and in Transylvania along with a new Hocus Pocus Hall sign.

February 21st – Trail of the Kings upgrade is progressing along, with new theme added every week. A much welcome upgrade for the old area and will enhance the arrival of the new Male Lion.

March 12th – Preview day arrived at Chessington as the park once again opened for the new season. Some changes had been documented here over the close season and some are seen for the first time. On entry you notice the booths have received an animal makeover, looking much better than before. Once inside the park the most obvious thing from walking around is the amount of new fences! Nearly everyride has a new/re-painted fence, really noticed in Vampire queue linewhich has also received new lights, Bubbleworks station and an odd blue one around the Wild Asia tree. With the removal of Safari Skyway wood has been placed to cover up the ride with the entrance simply removed. Black Buccaneer has also received a new fence along with new lighting with a new queue fence inside Dragon Falls. Zufari trucks have been modified to contain the lapbars on the doors and is also having a new look out point added to the queue line.

In Transylvania the fountain runs red with some new theme and the Vampire entrance looks good (but should be used) A lot of trees have been cut back in the close season which have have something to do with the amount of cameras which has now appeared across the park. Vampire track hasn’t been completely cleaned but can be seen the parts that have been. New scenery down by Tiny Truckers and fresh paint everywhere!

Mexicana buildings now home a Merlin VIP area with sand added in theme. Wild Asia sees the removal of the Tuk Tuks with one of them placed off path with the old Noodle Noodle building now empty. Hot Dogs have gone from Mystic East replaced by Ice Creams with all ride entrances receiving new measuring sticks.

Both Pandamonium and Glamping construction coninues.

June 1st – Griffins Galleon has still to re-open this season and Peeking Heights has had the cogs removed from the front of the ride.

August 15th – Sign upgrades in and around the Childrens Zoo, with a new 3D sign added to Tomb Blaster. The proposed location of the new Carousel can be seen in the Market Square.