Here is some construction from Chessington 2014

February Half Term 2014

Well it has been a busy period for Chessington over the close season and whilst some of the work may not have been planned, it all seems to be going well!

The park as you may know suffered a bad fire in late December with the Creaky Cafe being destroyed (and completely removed) along with now visible damage to the final scene of Bubbleworks as the pictures show. Damaged also suffered to the entrance of Transylvania is also being fixed, along with a complete new roof to replace the damaged side.

The Hotel is now vertical with a lot of steel work having gone on in the past 5 weeks since the new year, with it very obvious how much of the zoo it has taken up. However that being said the new Monkey Tree Tops looks fresh along with improvements and additional enclosures in Wanyama Village, with new signs and buildings now installed.

Very sad news about the parks female Lion who died in January after an Illness, although the new Ocelot is out and about ready to greet visitors. New sign has also been added to Creepy Caves.

Market Square is undergoing it’s refresh with new ground being laid, opening up the area nicely for something exciting…

Rameses is completely under wraps and wraps although clearly states its back in the offering for 2014 after it’s extended downtime.

Talking about extended downtime Scorpion Express has had some work done in the respects of Air gates, Station and signage updated, although has become apparent that backing for the ride will be a backdrop by the looks of the fence laid out. The new concept art is fantastic and indicates to the Fire and Water effects being used on the ride going forward.

The Holiday Inn sign has also been removed from the front of the hotel.

EXCLUSIVE 04/03/14 Update

With less than 2 weeks until the “Annual Pass Day” it’s no secret Chessington have a lot of work to do. With some great new investment for 2014 and some damage repair, things at the park are starting to come together nicely.

With Scorpion and train already on site for the Scorpion Express, more theme is being added with the old boiler also now back on site. No new signage or backdrop as of yet but more work is being completed to the bridge and barriers around the ride.

Bubble Works has a new side now back in place, with the final clear out and touches being made to the area damaged by the Creaky Cafe fire in late December.

The Amuza Trail looks to be wrapping up nicely with the Sea Lions decking being replaced. Market Square looks much better with work continuing in Chessington’s shop and new with games sections and additional seating being installed. Safari Skyway has been put back together with seemingly electric works taking place around the piece that was removed.

The hotel has taken shape very quickly as they look to the August opening. For those that didn’t know the Donkeys and other animals arrive from Alton Towers this week, with the new purpose built building next to the Children’s Zoo.

November 15th 2014 – Chessington open for Zoo days with the whole zoo except the Penguin Cove open, along with attractions Amazu and Hocus Pocus Hall. The park start to prepare for the Christmas event on the green by the Sea Lions. With this work is already well under way on Dragon’s Fury, Bubble Works, Sea Storm, Safari Skyway all visible in maintenance. With this work on the new Penguin enclosure is under way.

14th December 2014 – The Winters tail event is now underway, opening the park up a little with the Gruffalo show taking home at the African stage. Bubble Works is open along with the Carousel, Maintenance can be seen on Rameses, Dragon’s Fury (drop still in place) Tiny Truckers, Vampire and mainly the Jungle Bouncers which will be Penguin themed for 2015.