Here is some construction from Chessington 2013

January 2nd 2013 – The Creaky Cafe the new indoor replacement for Re-Fresh and the Burger Kitchen replacing Burger King continue to be refurbished. Also the Ice Factory appears to be having some work done, not surprising if this was to change with Ben and Jerry’s very popular next door.

January 13th 2013 – The Creaky Cafe coming on very nicely, will be yet another indoor place to sit and eat at Chessington. The Burger Kitchen is now blanked off out of view as work continues, and unless I missed it last year the Photo Licence is going to hit for 2013.

February 2nd 2013 – The new Creaky Cafe has now opened, the old Burger King is under going a huge front reface as part of the Burger Kitchen refresh. The Vampire/Bubble Works shop has also had a complete re-fit inside ready for the new season.

February 20th 2013 – We continue our closed season Chessington updates with a look to how the Burger Kitchen is developing. The fascia looks like it will be similar to recently opened Creaky Cafe, wooden front completely changed from the previous looking buildings. Also the finishing touches to the Creaky Cafe and the strange place for the Vampire parts…

March 2nd 2013 – More close season updates with the addition of the new Coconut Crab in Creepy Caves gives it a boost after many unoccupied enclosures. Bubble Works removed from the Zoo Day’s line up in order for Transylvania to under go a refresh for 2013

March 23rd 2013 – The park opens with the news of the 5 Million pound investment, with Runaway Train closed and Dragon Falls stripped right back.

April 1st 2013 – A full view of Dragon Falls stripped back becomes apparent with Mystic East opening. Also new disabled Vampire entrance round in Trail of the Kings.

May 1st 2013 – Work continues on the 5 million project, with Runaway Train being stripped back with Tomb Blaster also receiving treatment.

21st June 2013

So a lot is happening at Chessington on a weekly bases with the 5 million upgrade now in full force. Since our last update more has gone on at the park with the complete removal of the rock for Runaway Train now complete, we imagine the refurbishment will be completed and this will not simply re-open like Dragon Falls. The rather lifeless walk to ZUFARI has been spiced up with some new painted images on the side of the wood to bring it to life, and looking at ZUFARI the dirt track to go up may have caused a few issues as this has now been laid properly. All 5 trucks have received the new restraints which don’t actually lock and with blocked view for children saw a lot of lifting and moving seats whilst the ride was in motion but easier non the less.

Tomb Blaster out side has been rebuilt however work inside seems to be taken on, with the first few scenes having the ceiling fan open and offering much light to the ride ruining the atmosphere slightly, with scaffold and clear works going on (rolls of cable) under the rolling ball on the climb upwards. Fascia work on the shop goes on with most of Burnt stub mansion now done, poor old Rameses is covered up.

25th September 2013

We showed the first view-able pictures from the Monkey and Bird gardens redevelopment for 2014 in our last update, NOW the hotel side has joined in as the expansion for that also starts, closing the whole of the Monkey and Bird Gardens.

The pictures tell it all! Hocus Pocus Halloween is underway with the Big Bad Boo ready to go, and the Haunting in the Hollows much advanced over last update, with lights installations and testing ongoing today.

December 21st 2013

Chessington seem to be in the spotlight for 2014 in performing and getting the park back to the standard fans and public have come to expect. There is A LOT of construction going on in the park at the moment so here is an update on what is happening.

You will notice first that the park is set up nicely for Christmas with the usual decorations, take this with an improved Sealion show and the animals on view, it was an easy 3 hours chilling in the park. Safari Skyway you will come across as it’s just sitting on the tracks, they seem to have become a dumping ground as cables, plastics and an amusing chair pokes out the top of the cars. A section of the track is missing close to Sea Storm as Market Square gets the re-paint for 2014, the same colour as the Stubb’s Sweet Shop was done in 2013.

Bubble Works was closed as it also seems to be under scaffold (advertised on the map) with Sea Storm and Hocus Pocus Hall both open.

The Hotel has started to come along, with a noticeable amount of the Monkey and Bird gardens now missing. The area is open with the Capybara whilst the new walk through remains empty.

The Runaway Train (or Scorpion Express) seems to not have a lot of work done, however you can see that the red primer colour painted on last year is being finished in brown.