Here is exclusive construction of the Safari Lodge Hotel

March 30th 2006 – Advertising starts for the Safari Lodge Hotel.

April 24th 2006 – Land clearing is now complete.

May 5th 2006 – Clear at the front area, these photos are just to show how far back into the park the hotel will go, also land clearing at the back continuing with all the old enclosures now removed. You can see by its locating how it will link into the park animal land through close season.

July 10th 2006 – With the project running on time, and all land cleared foundations have started to be laid, with vertical construction now penned in for September.

September 18th 2006 – Vertical construction is now well under way.

October 6th 2006 – Vertical construction continues at a massive rate.

November 1st 2006 – Construction continues.

February 10th 2007 – Hotel has really taken shape now.

March 25th 2007 – Roof now complete, and the building is starting to look very much like the plans in terms of style and design.

April 20th 2007 – Walls are now starting to take place, even though the actual park involvement with the hotel, the designs are staying the same.

June 6th 2007 – Leaps and Bounds the hotel is approaching completion, adverts are now up around the park encouraging people to stay.