Here is some of the construction from the Land of the Dragons.

April 10th 2003 – Toadies Crazy Cars has been shortened for 2003, with clearing in place ready

July 14th 2003 – The area is now fenced off, with Action Man being dismantled, and more clearing

July 26th 2003 – Demolition has gone at a fast pace, with areas gone and new materials now on site

August 28th 2003 – Buildings nearly clear, and advertising for the ride in now up

September 22nd 2003 – Final stages of clearing, with the toilets now closed off

October 10th 2003 – Footers are now in place, and building has commenced

October 21st 2003 – Track is due shortly, footers are complete

October 28th 2003 – Track has now arrived as the brake run and station area go into place

April/May 2004 – After opening, a fallen stairway shuts the ride for 6 weeks