Here is exclusive construction of the Zufari for 2013, this was the early information released about the ride in 2012/early 2013.


Zufari will be the name of the new safari drive for Chessington in 2013. The ride which looks like something from Animal Kingdom is going to be a huge hit at the park and is going to be something very different for the UK. First take a look at some of the plans for the new attraction.

Safari Trail

Let’s break down some of the exciting facts from this project:

Driven Safari Trail experience, with Actors lasting between 10-15 minutes on a themed gravel base.

New Animals include White Rhino, Giraffe and Flamingos.

Entrance will be located behind Rameses Revenge, with a bridge leading over to the safari area, second entrance in the Wanyama Village.

The length of the project stretches from the Hotel to behind Tomb Blaster.

Pre-show video of approx 3 minutes will add to guest enhancement. (has now been removed)

All buildings will be below the agreed 10 metre size, and themed to Africa in-line with the current hotel theme.


The plans look amazing, and are set out over a huge area of the park. Once entering the area from behind Rameses the tour will be located on the left hand side. From here you will board for a the wild adventure, similar to the ones founds at like Busch Gardens. Giraffes will be first followed by the Rhinos and the Flamingos accompanied by other animals along the way. The entrance from Wanyama Village will likely give you access to the Giraffe viewing a feeding area with the main entrance being the one at Rameses.

The trail will feature several “wild” moments with the exception of the theme which will be the same as the hotel, so African style the tour will feature 4 water moments where the vehicle will pass through a trench style water feature, 2 are listed as splash zones so you can expect a wild and wet experience.

The final area of the tour takes the cave corner and will also contain a water experience, likely a made waterfall and heavy theme. This is away from the animals and likely to use special effects as the big finale.

Take a look at the new Zufari Advert HERE.

Here is what the park is saying about Zufari, including some pictures of the three new Rhinos settling in at Chessington. Also shown is the arrival of the four Giraffes on the 11/01/13.

Press Releases:

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