Situated in a new land filled area behind Samurai, SAW – The Ride new for 2009. With a new path heading down from Colossus, the Euro fighter will stretch across from the 2nd in line twist of Colossus, through to Loggers leap, and will be in the Canada Creek area. The coaster, which takes its theme from the clever and gory SAW movies, Stands about 100 feet tall, and features 3 inversions, taking Thorpe Park into the top 4 in the world on the inversion count.

Name: SAW – The Ride
Height: 32 metres (approx 100 feet)
Colour: Deep brown
Track Length: 2362ft
Ride duration: 1min 40 seconds
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
Theme: Horror theme
Opened: 13/03/09
Inversions: 3
Drop: 100 Degrees
Height Restrictions: 1.4 Metres
On Ride Photo? Yes
Number of Trains: 8 at one time, 8 people per train
Area Location: Saw Island (Now Old Town)


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