Hot on the heels of Colossus in 2002 Thorpe Park announced Nemesis Inferno would open in 2003 and this was the first of many constructions Theme UK would follow! Take a look back at the on season construction of this very popular roller coaster.

April 9th 2002 – The work starts here on the footers and on the station wall

August 9th 2002 – Track Arrives at the park, station and first drop starts to go up

August 22nd 2002 – Track Installed with the first drop and tunnel complete

September 27th – Lift, drop, loop and Inline up since last update. Structure also starting to take shape

October 4th – More theme arrives, Supports up for the corkscrew and turn, Train also in place in the workshop

October 18th –  corkscrews up and loads of new theme happening

October 31st – Theme work continues and paths appearing