2016 sees Thorpe Park invest in an all new Dark Ride! Set in the parks old Arena area (next to X) and will be a spectacular attraction with the mind of Derren Brown on board, whilst we don’t exactly know what will happen inside, here are some of the stats:

It’s 2438 Square metres
10.7 Metres in height
Code name: WC16
Name: Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

What we do know is that there will be a suspended carriage inside the building ith guests being involved with live actors and 4D effects will be used in this 13 minute attraction.

The attraction will have a pre-show and shop.

February 21st 2015 – And so it begins!

March 26th 2015 – First piece of advertising is up for the attraction, with the Carousel now removed

July 4th 2015 – Ground work continues

August 13th 2015 – Finally something is happening on site, as one of the first buildings is racing vertical next to X

October 4th 2015 – We are still watching the building go up, whilst marketing has kicked in we still have no idea what this ride is!

October 9th 2015 – Work continues on the building as we provide some night shots

October 22nd 2015 – The first building is now fully enclosed, with the second building now well underway and being given a white fascia

March 13th 2016 – With a lot of the outside done, we now begin to wonder what is inside