2014 had been a much better year for Chessington heading into the newly named Halloween event “Howloween” and whilst the main attractions remained the same, the feel around the park was greatly improved with the addition of Scorpion Express and the rather spectacular looking Rameses Revenge.

Once again for those that have read the 2012 and 2013 review of Haunting in the Hollows and Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall, I won’t review the mazes again as they were exactly the same as previous years. This isn’t to say they we bad as they were far from it and still work very well in the surroundings given.

This year we had a look in on the parks two main shows, the first was the new Pumpkin High School of Rock, take some famous Halloween style songs sung by the cast of the Pumpkin High School, with the winner voted for by the crowd. Good live show with the usual excellent Chessington staff, encourages crowd participation and really brings the mood up around the Market Square stage area.

The second show was the Hairy and Scary show, located in the Land of the Dragons stage the Hairy and Scary show ran a few times a day, with some reptiles being brought out for you to see. There was a loose story attached to the show but not a real strong one. However for what is a children’s show it didn’t take away from the animals on display, with the children able to go up and get close to them at the end of the show. For that it worked very well.

The park benefited this season from having a much better line up, with Scorpion Express now open and Rameses Revenge also running for the season. Scorpion Express looked great with the fire effects but it was Rameses that stole the show. With new up beat music, smoke and laser effects the ride took on a new feel as the sun came down over the park, take a look at the videos over at our You Tube page to see it in action.

Decoration around the park was also much better, although the Voodoo Dolls were missing from Wild Asia a lot of glow in the dark eyes were added around the park. This was as well as a new center piece tree display in the middle of Market Square, as seen in the pictures.

Overall Howloween capped off a great year for Chessington, with improved service, ride availability and importantly a solid Halloween event as shown with the two mazes on offer. Maybe next year they may need a change one of the mazes or go all out and add a third, but as the event was it was one of the better ones of recent time.

Pictures from the event