Halloween Hocus Pocus was back again in 2010, and corrected the few down points of 2009, to make the best event in years.

Like more recent years the theme, taking into account the new adventure of the park still wasn’t quite up to the early years in amount, however much more than last year and of better quality gave a happy medium. With the entrance all new anyway just inside the park the grass was home to the usual pumpkin patches, as too were they scattered through out the park.

On the main green outside of Hocus Pocus Hall was a little display complete with witches too, Hocus Pocus Hall was again turned by witches into Bewitched, with once again live actors inside the building. This year (unlike last) they didn’t seem to want to scare as much be a presence in the attraction, good for the very young children but may not hurt to have a little bit of a scare. However overall the attraction looked fantastic!

The Black Forest Haunt which again returned for 2010 was fairly unchanged, however it was clear that feedback on the massive queues the previous year that Chessington now made this a walk through. Starting the other end by the Black Buccaneer you entered the attraction greeted by the grave digger telling you its safer not to be going in. Once inside, the mini house is the first thing you come to (as oppose to the finale last year) sometimes you could walk through, other times the door would close and you’d be treated to the residence. Fun, happy and good scares for the children, the lack of stopping meant although you may miss out but overall it was an easier experience. The rest of the attraction remained unchanged, and can be viewed in full in the video section.

The stage made a welcome return for 2010, much improved and fitting in much more with the new parks adventure theme, the stage was located in the Market Square, and had the usual excellent children’s shows through out the day, a much welcome return to the park. Also different characters walking around the park, telling stories, and allowing different photo opportunities.

2010 was also the first time we got to see Wild Asia in the dark, with quite a wild look to the area, hosted with green lights the area, it had a lovely atmosphere to it, although maybe a little quiet, on a busy evening there is a lot going on in the area.

Overall the park pulled off another great family event, much better than last year, with the shows excellent in the Market Square, and the enhanced walk through attraction, with very little queues. Only possible improvement, is that compared to when the event first started, there is still more that can be done in terms of spicing the park up, maybe if more of an event was made out of it (running over two weeks again) then it may be considered worth doing.

Pictures from the event