On the lighter side of the Halloween events, is the fantastic Halloween Hocus Pocus at Chessington, with some old favourites, and some new bits too!

Stop the goblins magic, with the all new show Enigma which will be on in the stage in Market Square, while over at Hocus Pocus Hall, not only have the witches been trapped on the Lawn, but also have become loose in the mansion, and Hocus Pocus Hall comes Bewitched, and very much alive!

Anyone who read Theme UK will know that I am more of a Chessington fan than Thorpe Park, before they read this, but this year for Chessington seems to have pasted by, without major event. Halloween Hocus Pocus is where the park is supposed to shine for the close season, so does it? Unfortunately not, although many may say different, you need to look at these events on the way they build on previous years, as you expect them to get better.

First impressions aren’t good when you approach the gate, which last year was completely themed, this year has two posters stuck either side, Thorpe Park, and Alton Towers who actually repaint the front of there’s for Scarefest, get this looking great creates the atmosphere when you enter.

Shows are similar to last years, with the awesome Vamoosed being replaced with Enigma, which, although was a good show, wasn’t as interactive and eventful as Vamoosed last year, which was a huge turn around for the park after the Star Wars event. Hocus Pocus Hall Bewitched was also back, and this was as good as last year, with excellent effects, and some great frights for the little ones, sill not designed for those under 7, this opened at midday until park close. Outside Hocus Pocus Hall, was the trapped witches, moved from last year, they are now closer to the entrance of the hall, with the same theme as last year, still looked good and fresh, as last year was its first outing.

Disappointing was the amount of theme around the park, usually excelling, last year got much better,  but this year has gone a little downhill, pumpkin patches weren’t as many, cloth used as theme, was mixed new and old, making it look very odd in places.

The saving grace for Chessington, which many don’t notice, is the general condition of the park, flower beds are, well flower beds! Nice grass patches, rides looking generally very good (with exceptions like Vampire) the landscape looked excellent.

Trick or Treat doors, and 4 year old shows aside, Chessington made such huge improvements last year, I was hoping another real top attraction would be added, small maze, actual trick or treat trail again could be just a few. Although by no where means a poor event, after last year, it could have been so much better.

Pictures from the event