Welcome to the first year of coverage from Chessington’s Halloween Hocus Pocus, and good effort has been made to make the park look good along with the entertainment on offer, you also get the chance to ride Chessington’s greatest in the dark!

Although unlike Thorpe there are no mazes and extra attractions to add to the park, as this one is aimed at younger children, all of the entertainment is based around the family groups. Chessington have there Trick or Treat stage, where all the children events take pace, every 90 minutes with the first show being at 1.30. In addition to the stage, there’s other things going, Trick or Treat trail, find some doors and solve the puzzle to try and gain prizes, also there’s many characters going around the park.

The park itself looked great in places, the park transform areas into Pumpkin areas, with much going into the look, style, and feel of many areas. With Transylvania getting a re-make, as too the front of Hocus Pocus Hall, Tomb Blaster received new music for the event, which is much better than its normal!

There are also other decorations around the park, added to most of the attractions. The event itself seemed to go very smooth, entertainment, although not aimed at me, I found funny, as did most the crowd watching. All the staff was into the spirit of the event, very polite, very helpful on the day, and this rates as my best day at Chessington this year, and I’ve been 16 times, catch it before it’s over!

Of course that’s not the only things that’s going on, with the park open until 7.30pm, it gives you the chance to ride the attractions in the dark! This includes Vampire, Rameses Revenge and Samurai, with the last chance to get on Samurai before its move to Thorpe Park in 2004.

Pictures from the event