The Howl – Scare Attraction 2018

The Howl is located in Leighton Buzzard and is home to 5 scare mazes alongside street entertainers. Open from 6th October – 3rd November, tickets can be purchased here –

2017 saw us visit The Howl for the first time, although it is operated by Tulleys they are two very different attractions. The Howl is considerably smaller than Shocktoberfest. Everything is in a few steps of each other and there only only a couple food/drink places you can choose from. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change anything about having a great experience. Last year we were incredibly impressed with The Howl – having never really heard anything of it before it was a great surprise. We found the mazes to have some great detail alongside with some scares it was an enjoyable attraction. For 2018 they have two new mazes – The Attic and Red. Now we believe The Attic to be very similar to the maze it takes over from last year, Hotel De Basquervilles, this seems to show the hotel as abandoned but this you get to see the parts which were hidden away from last year. Red is based on the children’s nursery story, Little Red Riding Hood.

Please be aware that this review will contain spoilers for the attraction and the mazes. All opinions are our own.

The Attic –
‘There’s more to those creaking Attic floorboards. What happens in The Attic after dark is too gruesome to imagine. Climb the stairs to this real house of horrors with live creatures, unlucky victims and toxic experiments. Who’s waiting in the eaves? Not many escape… will you?’

Whilst walking around the maze, we noticed parts of it looked the same as last year. Now, that’s not a problem that it does, but sometimes when advertising a new maze its best to try and make it completely different. Other than that we really enjoyed this maze, there were plenty of spaces for hidden people, who did make us jump very much! You walk through an old hotel/manor and meet the occupants inside, heading though numerous different rooms located inside, plus small hallways between. The added part which is where you climb into The Attic is a great addition, weaving through a small claustrophobic attic witnessing what was above you the whole time in 2017!

Red –
‘If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a BIG surprise. The disappearances in the big bad woods were all hushed up, but reports of something red lurking behind the trees can’t be forgotten. Step into the woods if you dare, with enough live creatures to make your skin crawl get ready to twist, turn and run for your life’

We were really looking forward to this one; you can make a really great, creepy storyline with old children’s stories. That’s because they’re always the creepiest things! As we stepped inside, we noticed that straight away you are in the woods in which there have been sightings of Red lurking behind trees. The scenery of this was really impressing us, walking through and seeing some quick glimpses of the wolf. As we walked thought the forest we felt we were just getting immersed into the story when it ended. It wasn’t much of a finale unfortunately and we found ourselves thinking if we had just walked out of an exit that we shouldn’t had. Unfortunately, we had our hopes really high for this one but felt that it was just a bit short and just lacked those big scares and great finale. Maybe throughout the season it will get better – but needless to say, the maze did look amazing!

Toppers Twister –
‘Mr Topper is not a clown that deals in laughter, he prefers screams! You’ll remember the terrifying events of last year when Mr Topper’s tricks went horribly wrong… this year, his clowning has become even more TWISTED! With creepy clowns at every pitch black twist and turn, it’s not one for the faint hearted!’

This year we have loved the clown mazes and this one did not disappoint at all. Surrounded in all different ways to go, you meet plenty of different actors who will interact with you as you make your way round. Some may show the right way to go, some may not! When you weave your way out of what seems to be the circus tent, you will come across numerous different types of flooring as walls as you go up and down and squeezed between gaps to get through to the next. Once you have managed to get past the many crazy clowns and magicians you get through to one of our favourite things to see in a scare maze; the spinning tunnels! This one does not treat you kindly; the tunnel around you spins incredibly fast making you tilt to the right or left and feels incredibly dizzy and dazed. After we gradually got our balance back and made our way to the exit, we came across another singing clown in which we had to sing along with for him to let us out. New York New York was the song and we love a good sing along. We really enjoyed this maze, it really provided us with a good amount of jump but then also a great amount of laughs which are great additions to these sort of mazes and made us enjoy the walkthrough even more.

The Shed –
‘Where do unwanted new arrivals go? Why, The Shed of course. The lovely Chastity is a very friendly girl. Pop’s very protective over her, and if you were to… ‘Overstep the mark’ there would be a shotgun involved. Its dark, it’s dreadful and the undead are revengeful… don’t look behind you as you explore The Shed’.

The Shed is where we began our night, our first maze. We remembered enjoying this one from last year and thought it was one of the mazes that didn’t contain a lot of outdoor light which may affect it. Now it’s safe to say that this scare maze is incredibly themed to a lot of detail. There is not one thing that is missed and it really does give you the illusion of you stepping inside to someone’s personal residence. Whilst walking around their ‘shed’ you go through some very tight corners, but majority of it is wrapped in netted sheets with large parts of cardboard blocking some of the ways. Whilst walking through their many rooms of the shed and meeting the inhabitants of it all there are some great scares, with actors lurking is many different positions. Coming out from underneath things, hiding behind all sorts of items and some of them even in the ceiling! The Shed really started the night well and with the chainsaw finale left us running to the exit!

Squealers Yard –
‘The boys in Squealers yard work hard and play hard…in fact they’ll even give you a head start before they start the chase. We’ve heard there’s more chance of survival in a group, so stay close to your mates…you wouldn’t want to get separated. Oh, and  by the way, it’s you they’ll be hunting in the dark…’

It is fair to say with this one, prepared to be split up from your group because they will recognise who is with whom and they will split you up! Now our group got split up, that one of us literally grabbed another person to make them walk through with us! (Don’t think they were to happy they got split from their partner though!) Although, as you walk further through you will eventually meet up with your group, if you’re going at the same pace that is. We loved this maze last year so was really looking forward to it this time around, although a few slight changes there was nothing to dissimilar to 2017. The biggest thing we missed from 2017 was a room which was kind of like a freezer and it was SO white that you could barely find your way around which is exactly what we love in scare mazes. There was large parts of this maze that were inside and outside but both packed full of actors waiting round the corners ready to scare you. The majority of this maze is set to look like an abandoned workshop, with tools dotted around all over the place and work tables. Some rooms have pigs hanging from the ceiling, but the main point is that you start of in a shop selling pies etc. Squealers Yard shows you exactly how they get that meat to sell to their customers. Again, if you do not like chainsaws then beware as there is not only 1 but more to keep you on your toes!

The Howl is located in an incredibly small plot of land for a scare attraction. You can practically see everything if you stand in the middle, although size doesn’t mean too much! We really do love visiting The Howl as it really does incorporate a lot of humour in with good scares. The opening ceremony is an incredible touch as you get to meet the family, who own the land, but then they introduce to the set of actors from each maze; they come running through all the people and into their maze. We absolutely love that part as it really sets you up for the evening. The Howl is really recommended by us to go and visit!