Xtreme Scream Park, 2018

Xtreme Scream Park runs from September 28th – October 31st. For more information visit –

Now although Xtreme is a relatively small location, this really does provide some great punches. Not too far away from Alton Towers is this place and holds our favourite mazes from 2018 and 2017 season! Home to some of the largest and most intense scare maze we have ever been in. Xtreme Scream Park is located in Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray.

Please be aware that this review will contain spoilers for each of the mazes, this also is our own personal opinion.

Scare Mazes –

Ash Hell Penitentiary –
‘In 1609 a prison was built like no other. It was specifically designed to house and rehabilitate the criminally insane in particular inmates with cannibal tendencies. The people of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland had previously locked insane cannibal family members in secret attics and cellars to avoid public interference; they fed on the homeless community’

Ash Hell is definitely one to keep an eye on if you or a family/friend is claustrophobic. This maze has some incredibly dark section, very tight and narrow hallways but also some borderline crawling sections. It bases itself walking through an incredibly old juvenile prison holding some of the most insane you will come across. A lot of the rooms are very similar with prisoner rooms, bunk beds and sheets but towards the end you do seem to walk through the back rooms of it. Trying to find your way round storage rooms, open doors and small doorways through to the next room. We found in 2018 that this maze didn’t seem as dark as last year, the strobe light was considerably slower (so we thought anyway!) and the dark sections seemed to have brightened up slightly. The darkness of this maze last year really added to it, so it’s a shame that this may have changed. Although it doesn’t take away the fact that this is an incredible maze with a ton of actors inside waiting to terrify you!

The Pie Factory –
‘Melton Mowbray’s Pie Factory locally sources only the best, prime cuts of meat to produce 100% Manmade Pies. Step inside the doors and make your way through the 2000 sq. ft complex to discover the gruesome process that goes into making these world famous pies. Duck, dodge and squeeze your way around 15 uniquely themed zones as you’re herded through Melton Mowbray’s very own production line, going blind the scenes and finding out first hand, what goes into Melton Mowbray’s finest. Mrs Momma hog though has been changing the ingredients in the pies recently and is now making human into pies… Do you dare and come to the Pie Factory and see how they are made, be careful though, you might be next!’

The Pie Factory is a maze which is symbolic to Xtreme Scream Park and has been for as long as we remember. Basing itself around Melton Mowbray’s history with pie making, but showing you the uncovered behind the scenes of how they are created and where they come from. Unfortunately, for us this year we felt that there were a few things which let it down for us. In our minds, this could be the last year for The Pie Factory – maybe something new and a little updated for 2019. Who knows! We found that there was certain areas of the maze which were very dead and quiet for a good portion of time, no actors were around for some parts of it. Although, they have added some animatronics inside which do look incredible and are great additions to scare mazes as you really aren’t expecting them. That aside the maze itself does still look very nice, some really amazing interior work to make you feel super immersed. We did agree though that something needs to be changed within this maze though to give it the extra oomph like that other mazes give.

Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain
‘Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain! Rolls back for one last time, one of our original attractions that is just fun and frightening from beginning to end, if you can find your way out! A one show wonder – Clowns! The theme of this attraction is changed every year by the Twisted imaginations of Xtreme Scream design team, we hope this year you laugh your head off as Curtains Chaos faces its final curtain.. Entertainment at its finest, the best in the business, a show for everyone! Death or retirement either way you’ve had it, sick tears on faces of worn paint, crazy old clowns good for nothing but lion fodder. The red and white stripes will disappear along with the laughing faces and Zombie clowns with red noses. Join them in mayhem of demolition chaos in their final performance. DEATH of Curtain Chaos, can you find your way out or will you stay there forever?’

Now, although we said we think Pie Factory could be in its final year, we also think the same with this. That or it is going to undergo a huge revamp to make it completely different to 2019. The paragraph above which is taken from the sites website, along with the title ‘The Final Curtain’ gives a big impression that this could be its last year. Keeping our eyes peeled for information on this..
The Clowns were the first actors we came across as we entered the park, the very quickly noticed our VIP badges and made a b-line for us. Telling us to come inside their maze so they can have some fun with us! When we told them we may do shortly, they said they would remember us for inside. As we got to the queue, the scare actor looking after the line was doing a great job at his character and keeping everyone amused in the queue line, even slapping our bums as we went in! (It’s not called Xtreme Scream Park for nothing!) This maze does a great job in getting you confused on where to go next, with incredible lopsided walkways and seemingly different ways to go through. The actors are also incredibly at giving you a scare, some of them even have additional loud props to make you jump just that little bit higher! Of course, the actors did remember us from the outside and they followed us very closely throughout and they gave us some great frights!

Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa –
‘Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa – Melton Mowbray’s finest country Mansion opens its doors to unveil the secrets of the most desirable form – the Human Body. Escape and feel the pleasure, we will transform you, beauty or beast? Prepare to experience relaxation beyond your worst nightmares. We will take you and make you beautiful with memorable treatments to die for, designed uniquely for every individual, change is perfection, perfection is change – beauty is in the eye of the Master – he will redesign you, transform you, there is nothing more pleasurable than pain, beautiful sweet pain, we are all beautiful, your body is ours, what is your desire?’

Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa has been one of our top mazes for the past 3 years, not because of the vast amount of scares (although that is a factor) but for the fact of the sheer size and dedication that gets put into it. The maze consists of around 50 rooms and each one looks just as incredible as the other, it really is great to see a park but so much effort into a scare maze to make it the best it possibly can be. As we got to the front of the queue for this we noticed a scare actor interacting with another group of people awaiting their turn to get in. He had obviously built up quite a relationship with them as he was very engrossed with one of the men! Although, as soon as he spotted us he decided it was our turn! They get very close with you, interacting greatly and really putting the maze in for a great start. You can see in our vlog just how much he had with us on the outside. The maze itself consists of so many different rooms ranging from standard hotel rooms, living spaces, saunas, barbers, mortuary, you name it they have it. They even have a bondage room, which was new for this year we believe. Stilton Hall really has a room for everyone! Now we rarely get scared it horror mazes and it really does take a lot to make us jump, but this year Stilton Hall succeeded it and made us jump a good number of times and actually feel a sense of nervousness and fright whilst walking through trying to find the exit, one of us jumped so bad and tried to run off that we ran straight into a chest of drawers and ended with a huge bruise!  This maze has been in our top 3 for the past 3 years and 2018 is no different. It is seriously not to be missed and we can’t stress enough how incredible this maze is!

Hoodoo Voodoo –
‘The Voodooists have advertised an event to the public promoting cleansing, enrichment and purity of the mind to those attending their ritual. Those entering the Hoodoo attractions are promised eternal enlightenment and epiphany, with all negativity removed from their lives, leaving them in an eternal bliss with new perspectives on life. However all is not as it seems… Since attending the rituals, few have been seen since, with those managing to escape HooDoo VooDoo being left in pits of despair, broken, tormented and suffering. It has been rumoured that the voodooists have been falsely luring innocents into the attraction and using their souls as a sacrifice and offering to the Gods. These sacrifices have throughout history, please the Gods, preventing disaster and devastation to the Voodoo tribes. Your visit to HooDoo VooDoo is also your sacrifice, where you risk soul extraction, your emotions abolished and eternal emptiness…’

Hoodoo Voodoo in its second year returns for 2018. Taking over from, let’s face it, one of the worst mazes we ever went in. Glad to say Hoodoo Voodoo doesn’t at all relate to what it used to be. Last year we were so impressed with this maze, that is actually was our number 1. So we could not wait to get back inside this year. Now we don’t want to give to many spoilers away for this one, for anyone who may be able to visit for the last weekend or for next year if it is still the same but we will spill a few. Half of this maze is bags on head, now we really aren’t a fan of these usually. We think they are a cheap way of not decorating a maze so the person doesn’t see anything, the scares don’t really get to us and they just all round confuse us. But, this one is so much different! The maze really focuses on highlighting all of your senses, with the rope going in all directions, the floor constantly changing gradient and feel to throw you off balance and a whole load of actors who touch and scare you throughout. Last year, inside here with the bags on head provided us with our biggest scare of 2017 but this year they same to have taken it out. Whilst we were walking around, an actor quickly ripped the bag of your head and screamed in your face, which is, whilst you’re walking around in darkness, to then see that is absolutely terrifying. That seems to have gone from this year, but it didn’t put a damper on the maze. There are numerous different rooms and updates from last year and the maze has such a creepy and eerie feel. Actors are really hidden everywhere, hidden so well that you literally cannot see them at all until they have scared, by then it’s too late!




The Village –
‘During the year of 1974 throughout the land, there has been an increase in farmland pests threating the crops. In order to sustain the human race, an agency backed Professor Crow, granting him large sums of money to create genetically modified scarecrows to effectively deal with the problem. These scarecrows were to be designed with the ability to scare off any unwanted visitors. Professor Crow conducted research into mixing scarecrows with human living tissue and embryos and eventually he reached his success. His creation, the perfect scarecrow had been born. Professor Crow wanted more he craved the ultimate intellectual hybrid, the human brain would be the only option and so it began… The scarecrows intelligence rapidly increased, no longer content with containment in their fields and so they turned their attention to the humans. In order to control his creations, bending them to his will to perform the merciless deeds, Professor Crow embodies the figure of a crow through his clothing, mannerisms and actions. The perfect scarecrows will obey his command and revere him as a God-like figure – their creator. Only when dressed accordingly do the mutant Scarecrows recognise Professor Crow as their master, any resemblance to a human would be his downfall. Sacrifices will be made to appease the God. Customers entering this attraction are attending the Village Harvest Festival, bringing with them their offering. However one inside, they will witness devastation beyond their imagination…’

2017 Was the first year for The Village and before our visit must have been the maze everyone was talking about, so we were incredibly excited for it. Now although we enjoyed last year, we were in an incredibly large group going through so missed some of the scares and don’t think we got the full experience we could have. But, WOW, did that change for 2018. We were only a group of 2 walking through, so anything that happened, happened to us. From what we can remember, most of the scenes within The Village remain untouched, but the sheer amount of effort that goes into each room is astonishing. Walking through people’s house, the village, labs, schools and ultimately the church, not one room goes untouched. They add such small details in that really make it so much more real and scary to walk through, for instance, the school – it has children’s work, pegs and pictures all across the walls. Now, although the scenes don’t seem to be much different from 2017, they have added in some great animatronics. Whilst walking through an outdoor section we bumped into another couple who seemed to be just stood there – but as we walked up to them we realised why! A huge, and we mean HUGE, animatronic jumped out from the bushes and towered over us! A simple but great addition to an otherwise slow outdoor section. As we entered the church just the two of us at the end, we noticed almost instantly that the atmosphere was different to the year before, a ton of actors terrifying us at the lights flickered, seemingly appearing from nowhere right in front of us and then disappearing again. Although, then when the lights went out is when we really became scared, when the lights came on there were scarecrows located all around us, with their lead directly in front of us in the route we needed to take. But as the lights flicked he ran straight for us, giving us an absolute terrifying scare! As we left The Village we were literally speechless as to what had just happened and actually how incredible this maze was. Please, definitely do this maze but make sure it is dark before you do!

Xtreme Scream Park, I have to say it, is our FAVOURITE scare attraction in the UK. The park seriously goes all out for Halloween, making it not only look the best, but the inside seriously adds up to the decoration. This is the only park this year apart from maybe 1 or 2 has made us scared in every single attraction, and leaving us in awe in the way they look inside. If you have never been to Xtreme Scream park before we strongly suggest you do, not to far away from Alton Towers you can go there after a day there! We want to thank the park for having us down and once again supplying us with hoodies for our favourite attraction and maze. Cannot wait to visit again in 2019.