After late planning permission at the end of last year, we knew a drop tower would be coming to Alton Towers for 2019, however the location at the time was unknown.

Many including us thought this may be heading into the Dungeons as the finale ride like many others across the UK, but we know know the location of the new towers. Cbeebies Land will again be expanding with two junior bouncers heading into the Land at the back, located next to Mr Blooms Allotment. With some space being allocated from that queue and pre-show being cut back the name for the towers and indeed the themes still remain a mystery.

Expanding capacity of the popular Frog Hopper already in the park, the two new towers will be seven seat across but of similar size. The future of the Frog Hopper also now sees unclear, what do you think of this recent investment? Head over to our social media and have your say.