2018 is now behind us and here at UK Theme Parks we had one of our busiest years! With a lot of the UK covered, local parks and more fairs since we’ve done since 2004 we had a lot to look back on. With many visits come many highs and lows.

Now is the time to list the best and the worst of 2018, its easy to list the worst as many people experience and remember bad days over good days, however we really want to highlight some amazing experiences and rides we had last year.

With those comes some low lights, struggling parks, poor operations and quite often simply just bad days by the places we give money to. For some, I have included what my two children also think of 2018 and whilst we don’t expect everyone to agree head over to our Facebook page or You Tube channel and leave yours to, we would love to hear it!

Best of 2018

Best Staff ADVENTURE ISLAND, always without saying a park where i always feels the staff want to work and do a great job.

Best ValueBLACKPOOL PLEASURE BEACH, we just feel price vs what you get is great value.

Best OperationsPAULTON’S PARK, well organised, well structured theme park.

Best Live ShowHOWLOWEEN LIVE (Chessington) A really interactive fun attention grabbing show.

Best Kept Theme ParkPAULTON’S PARK, just stunning attention to detail, clean and a pleasure to visit.

Best New RideICON (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) The planning of ICON feels a cut above Wickerman for us, something fun, thrilling but not to over the top in terms of “Horror Theme” Knowing Wickerman could have been better swayed us.
Eldest Best RideICON
Youngest Best RideICON

Favourite Theme ParkPAULTON’S PARK, it may not be filled with thrill rides but the way they set up the park makes it a pleasure to visit. Sound investment, well organised, well themed its a pleasure to visit.

Worst of 2018

With some amazing experience come some bad ones to, this isn’t to say we dislike the park (accept in one case) or that they offer bad rides and shows. Competition is this climate is high and as seen by so many closures over the years you can’t rest on an old reputation for long, people become wise.

Worst Operations – FLAMINGO LAND, really wasn’t close for the size of the park. Slow loading, cut capacity, not filling seats, warm drinks, poor service for us it had no competition at the size and price.

Worst Value Theme ParkSOUTHPORT PLEASURELAND, again when it comes to cost a no wristband option makes Southport a nightmare for a full day out, £20 can be spent on the cards (which you pay for…) in under and hour.

Worst StaffADVENTURE WONDERLAND, A park where it is fine to sit on your phone, not communicate to customers and have no control over queues.

Worst ShowGRUFFALO GROOVE (Chessington) From best to worst this show should be reviewed really doesn’t provide a sensible story or interaction.
Eldest Worst ShowPANDEMONIUM (Chessington)
Youngest Worst ShowPANDEMONIUM (Chessington)

Worst Kept ParkFLAMINGO LAND, again, given its size and stature this park was dirty, dirty floors, full bins, litter from day before everywhere, in the rides areas, toilets the whole attention to detail was poor. Which was a real shame as we love some of the rides at the park.
Eldest Worst KeptFLAMINGO LAND
Youngest Worst KeptFLAMINGO LAND

Worst Theme ParkALTON TOWERS, Wickerman was good, it didn’t help boost the park in 2018 like expected and that’s because of all the other underlining issues. Ride shortage, Up-charges, Poor opening hours, Closed Hotel, More accommodation, Run down looking rides, closed rides, late openings. Alton Towers was the premier theme park and has always been one of our favourite places to visit but anyone that thinks what the parks offered in 2018 was good can’t be visiting many other parks. The park only needs 2 days to visit now because of short openings and poor operations, 2018 should have been there year.
Eldest Worst ParkALTON TOWERS
Youngest Worst ParkALTON TOWERS

So there you have it, our best and worst of 2018. Whilst you may not agree with our picks head over to our social media pages and let us know what was yours. We like a good (sensible) debate and respect everyone has a best and worst!