It’s been a year of some of the best scares we have experienced in 2017 here at UK Theme Parks, we experienced over 40 attractions with some amazing actors at some amazing parks, but, what did we like the most? Well here we break down into 6 awards from Intense to scares, fun to just plain weird we have them all. This is accompanied by our latest video detailing the decisions made, but what do you think, comment on the video or over on our Facebook page and let us know your thought on the 2017 Halloween events.

The aware categories are:

Most Surprising maze – This is the maze awarded to the maze that shocked us the most, though design, upgrades or just the unexpected.

WINNER – Creepy Caves Unearthed at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, with a special mention to Platform 15 at Thorpe Park Resort.

Most Fun maze – This is the maze that brought the scares with the laughter.

WINNER – Freak Out at Burton Screamfest, with a special mention to Love Hurts at the same location.

The Strangest Maze – The maze that although wasn’t bad in anyway, we just didn’t get!

WINNER – Dia Dea Los Muertos at Burton Screamfest.

Most Intense maze – The maze that had us on edge the most.

WINNER – Hoodoo Voodoo at Xtreme Scream Park Twinlakes, with a special mention to Demonica at Burton Scream Fest.

Best Scares maze – The maze with the most jump, more scares and possible the most swearing!

WINNER – Squealers Yard at The Howl, with a special mention to The Pie Factory at Xtreme Scream Park.

Best maze of 2017 – Our favourite maze of 2017, taking all theme, scares, frights and detail into account.

WINNER – Hoodoo Voodoo at Xtreme Scream park, with a special mention to Squealers Yard at The Howl.

Best Halloween event of 2017

WINNER – Extreme Scream Park at Twinlakes, it has massive variety, amazing detailed mazes including the breathtaking Village, great atmosphere and street performers.