We got invited to one of the premier Halloween events in the UK as Twinlakes opened its doors again for Xtreme Scream Park, home to some of the best Halloween mazes in the UK with some old favourites and some new ones!

Six quality mazes opened for 2017 with two brand new ones ready to scare people, Xtreme Scream Park is well known for its ability to provide a variety of mazes which can entertain, but also scare and 2017 is no different. Its worth noting before looking at the mazes that this is one of the few main stream parks that allows the actors to touch you and uses language as part of the maze script.

Returning was a fantastic maze and one of our favourites from 2016 The Pie Factory, Melton Mowbray’s Pie Factory only uses the best source of meat apparently… you! This maze to be honest like the others at the park is incredible themed and detailed, as you enter the chop shop its not clear what will await for you on the other side. The Pie Factory relies on its theme to build tension, scenes with no actors are side tracked by detail you can’t help but look at, the problem is when you forget you’re in a maze and someone is waiting for you around the next corner!

Broken down into many areas, including a massive Pig on the first full room of the maze, strobes, tight spaces, darkness and most importantly jumps await once you are inside. It is a maze that really immerses you into the moment, there is never a time you aren’t on edge or sure what is coming next. Now the maze isn’t new so some things will come flooding back as you walk through, but take nothing away from the amazing actors inside as they bring the maze to life over and over again as the Pie Factory is a real consistent maze that should never disappoint.

Revenge of the Zombie Clowns is a fun and entertaining maze, as you may be aware in the past Clown mazes have bored us to death but 2017 has really bucked the trend, with Zombie Clowns being a different take on the usual Clown experience. However much I find them frustrating the draped white and red stripes can be found though out the maze as the Clowns come out to play, but this is the only Zombie Clown maze we came across in 2017 and it was brought to life by the excellent costumes.

For those have haven’t been through a Clown maze, where have you been?! Small rooms with curtains all round mean that spotting the next scare is not an easy thing to do. Hiding behind curtains, in walls and of course around corners you can expect tight spaces, ducking and diving as you try to avoid the Zombies on the way. The only thing we were slightly disappointed with was the lack of finale which a couple of mazes suffered from, detail was amazing defiantly a fun maze rather than an intense one.

Also returning was the Ash Hell Penitentiary the maze with no limits we first experienced in 2016, this year including execution chamber. Cannibalism is the key in this prison as it has a lot of fears all under one roof. Its worth noting this is one you will be called names and swore at and it really does set the tone for what is to come. Once entered you start to make your way into the prison, meeting some of the residents early on, early on they aren’t in plain sight and there is a good chance you will jump. But the main thing you will notice is the lighting.

Standard through out the attraction with the exception of two full strobe light areas, the light come on, flicker and go off completely through out the whole maze. Meaning one minute you can see where you are going and who is there then the next minute nothing at all, you need to fully expect something to have changed when the lights come back on. This is where the actors come into there own being able to see and navigate the light set up which is, easily the best we have seen in a scare maze. Like the other mazes this one real excels in detail, cells and scenes which will make you believe you are in the prison and you squeeze between the gaps in the walls between room. As mentioned a couple of tense strobe scenes and impressive very tight oil barrels make up some of the scenes before the dangerous caged inmates at the end of the maze in a series of intense cell scenes.

One of the best themed mazes out there with detail, scares and lighting making it very intense. Long time of ducking and tight spaces plays on many fears and is not one to be taken lightly!

We don’t mean to keep going on about the detail… but… Stilton Hall Hotel and Spa is next, another returning maze of sheer magnitude and an incredible 2 floors of Hotel. This maze is designed for not only the theme but jumps to, to be honest this isn’t an intense maze but has a great way of sidetracking you for frights and scares and is also the first maze to really benefit from the actors touching you. You literally walk through this Hotel, take in the scenery as bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and lounges await. Hanging washing hides frights coffins provide detraction and people you can’t see will be touching you this maze is creepy though out.

The sheer scale of this maze is massively impressive again the only improvement would be a more solid ending, the noise siren as you exit the maze isn’t scary and can be seen and heard from the entrance which is right next to the exit. It would be good to see it moved more and changed for next year that alone would really shape up the experience. Take nothing away from it though, its a breathtaking maze experience.

The new mazes await with The Village next, a mix of scarecrow and human experiments is where this maze is born from in what could be one of the more disturbing mazes out there! More like the America experience there is a constant flow of people going through the maze meaning that scares are difficult for the actors. This though relies on simply breathtaking sets, broken up by some outside walking, the Vlog will detail as we came out but the school scene was just so realistic you could believe you were walking through a school. Real messed up but simply incredible at the same time! The final scene in the church is also something else, benches of people some real some fake you have no idea what will happen next.

There is so much to this maze please watch the Vlog to get the full breakdown, without a doubt this maze will win awards.

Hoodoo Voodoo the last new maze for 2017 and our last maze. Last year the maze on the site of Hoodoo Voodoo was one of the worst we had ever done so being honest we had very low expectations for this maze. Even more so when we found out it was a bag on head maze. The park also had one the year before which was average, both of the mazes mentioned had been removed and replaced with the last two. Other hooded mazes we did in 2017 were not good however..

Hoodoo Voodoo was a real game changer.

The hood goes on and off you go following your rope, nothing unusual there but once again the fact the actors can touch you adds a new dimension to hooded mazes. Sound effects alone from actors are not scary, touching you when you can’t see them is and is likely to be for anyone. Uneven ground is another massive factor and once some provide outdoor experience it has been nothing like this. The hoods are tight, tighter than anything we have had and at the same time much darker than other hoods. I know this based on the fact I lost the rope and had to quickly lift the hood to find the rope again, it was quite light in the maze but I could see no light bleed though the hood.

The hood is ripped off of your head at the end of the hooded section, it came as a massive shock and made me scream, something I have never done in a maze before. Other hooded mazes don’t do this as they don’t touch you and you hear calling and a break up of flow to remove it. This really wasn’t the case, last years maze had a strobe light section afterwards and even Tulley’s tried an after section on their maze this year. This one however was far more detailed and provided more scares. The length of the maze, layout, actors, design in fact everything came together perfectly. This was the only maze where I have felt genuine panic, jumps and scare moments like no other.

A couple of rides and entertainment was also on for the evening capping off a fantastic event. We’d love to thank the park for the invite and hope you enjoy the Vlog below.