The time of Halloween is well underway as we headed North and started at Burton Screamfest! This is host of our favourite maze for 2016 in Love Hurts, a real strange mix of scares and scenes. We are back for 2017 with new mazes joining the line up including Demonica and Dia De Los Muertos, a day of the dead festival. Lets start with the new mazes:

Dia de los Muertos – This is the parks new out door maze through the field of Maize around a lot of the park animals and farming areas, much like previous versions of this maze the route remains the same. Climb on board the tractor ride to head around the fields to the start of the maize maze, along the way the festival kicks off with music and subtle actor dancing before you are interrupted by a van ransacked with the driver dead in the front. Some how the party continues as you make your way to the start of the walking experience. Once there you are greeted by the villagers before heading off into the maze. The start remains dark and more creepy as you venture through without much interaction from others, the maize to the side is above head height so you do feel enclosed. Greeted by other villagers the maze takes a turn with rock music, blue strobes and chainsaws soon heading your way.

Several rooms and scenes with jumps from the side fences and directly in front of you set up the finale of a chainsaw chasing you out of the maze. A real fun maze although not he most scary does provides some great jumps, given the size of the attraction feeling enclosed with a sense of no escape works very well with the jumps and effects. Much better than last years maze.

Demonica – A real intense experience as you enter the realm of tortured souls and head through a very creepy maze. Starting at one of the four doors you are welcomed to Demonica in a small wooden room, darkness comes in with the flashing of lights and a Demonica sign appears in the wall in front of you. At this point you are unsure of what and where is going on then suddenly the door opens and you enter the maze. In terms of scenery this one doesn’t has much, however it isn’t that type of maze this one plays on the darkness, sound effects and of course the actors.

Ahead of you lays some very dark corridors, tight turns and actors hiding around the corners in what is a very intense experience. You will remain on edge throughout the maze and whilst you’d like to see whats around every corner, don’t expect to!

Freakout – Returning for this year was the parks three other mazes with the clown one being the first maze you will see when you enter the event. Whilst some have a fear of clowns this isn’t the case with me, however clown mazes have evolved and developed hugely over the past few years to include panic and many jump scares. Once inside the maze you will enter a “boys” or “girls” door with different clowns inside, once out you rejoin the group and head through a series of drapes in small spaces not knowing what is the other side. These are really disorientating as you have no idea which way to go without feeling around meaning this can cause panic, not helped by the clowns!

Doors of Evil and Good clowns along with right and wrong way doors help make the maze vary upon choice but rest assure, with route you take there will be scares around the corner. Hooters and water are used to scare with the actors sporting some of the best costumes we have seen, its a carnival but you will indeed Freak Out!

Soul Seekers was also back for this year as you join in the Soul Seekers adventure through the Helton Grand Hotel, abandoned since the 1930’s. Once inside the opening scene in the hall is very creepy, with darkness and actors appearing out of no where given early jumps and scares. Make your way from here through the tight corridors and rooms of the hotel, meeting some of the residents along the way. Soft floors add to the amazing set design this maze has and we really encourage you to take a look around whilst you walk.

Don’t forget to smile for the camera to…!

Love Hurts – Our favourite maze period from 2016 was back for this year and still remains one of the strangest mazes we have ever been in. Queuing inside theĀ  Diced Heart Pub with posters on the wall and a bar right by the entrance the owner wants you to use the speed dating service to find your perfect match or this is what happens…

Entering through one of the toilets the tone of the maze is set out right here, disgusting scenes lay ahead of you as the toilet swings open and you head into Love Hurts. Tunnels, Corridors and disgusting rooms lay ahead of you along with some of the rejected lovers still stuck inside. This maze is all about the scenes and again is another maze where you need to stop and look around along the way, gruesome and disgusting is the best way of looking at this maze but don’t be fooled, there are also scares and jumps along the way. Once in the final room be prepared to move fast once the curtain is pulled back…

Love Hurts still remains one of the best mazes we have been through however we would love to see a more free flowing ending to the maze, because this was our favourite last year we want more!

The street entertainers and live shows were also excellent, Johnny Strange and his lawnmower was thoroughly entertaining so be sure to set some time aside to take in all the Screamfest has to offer. A fantastic event and one you simply must visit if you want your scares!

Be sure to check out our vlog from the park fro more from the mazes as we took them on!