Welcome to Paulton’s Park, possible the park that has moved forward the most over the past decade. Always known as a family theme park it has had a good selection of rides for the family since opening but of more recent time, has really started to stand up to the competition. Regarded as the best family park in the UK by some (not me yet) big steps with Peppa Pig world really put the park on the map, this was followed by big ride additions in Magma and Edge.

It was 2016 when the park signaled its intent to become one of the best with the opening of the Lost Kingdom, with two roller coasters and a fully themed land this was the best theme park addition in the UK for 2016. With Peppa Pig world being expanded soon and more rides being themed away from the travelling look it won’t be long until Paulton’s is the best family park in the UK, a little expensive but well worth the day out for families.

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