Welcome to Alton Towers Resort, the number one theme park in the UK. The most known theme park in the UK is also home to many proper world firsts rides, including the vertical drop roller coaster Oblivion and the flying coaster Galactica. The park has suffered over the last couple of years with ride closures and favourite rides closing as the park try to recover from recent events however still has some world class rides. For 2018 the park opened the first wooden roller coaster in 21 years in the UK, Wickerman is a fantastic edition to the park with 2019 bringing the first Merlin theme park “Dungeons”.

Nemesis, Oblivion, Galactica and The Smiler would sit in the best parks in the world, with the children’s area Cbeebies Land to help the balance. Spread over a huge space with a host of family rides, roller coasters and hotels to stay on site a couple of days to take in the history and landscape is well advised. With the amazing gardens and of course the Towers themselves to explore you can spend half the day just taking in the sights.

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