Welcome to Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth, home to the fantastic roller coaster… Roller Coaster! A rich history dating back to when the park first became park in 1909, with rides in the past including Joywheel and the original Scenic Railway. After the war it was in 1932 after a purchase from seeing the ride in France in 1929 that the current Scenic Railway “Roller Coaster” come to light. A fantastic classic roller coaster with no brakes fitted to the track!

That’s not all for the park though as over the years the parks expansion have brought a mix of modern and classic rides, with the classic Mulan ride to the latest addition Reverse Time. There is something for the whole family on what is a great location in the UK to visit, with a 4D Cinema and a family spinning coaster there is something for all ages at the Pleasure Beach.

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