Welcome to Oakwood, home of the UK’s best wooden roller coaster Megafobia. Set in the country side of South Wales Oakwood the park has potential to be one of the best in the UK with a couple of great coasters already in place. The main one is Megafobia the wooden coaster which weaves in and out of the fields around Oakwood, this however is also backed up by Speed, the vertical drop roller coaster.

The park does have a lot going on but has really suffered with lack of investment over the past few years. Neverland was made up of mainly second hand rides as to the new James and the Giant Peach coaster opening in 2017. Whilst big rides like Drenched remain it opens at 2 pm everyday with no real stand out thrill ride outside of the big three. Still a park with an offering but its a long way to South Wales and it desperately needs a stand out attraction.