Welcome to Fantasy Island a real seaside style fun fair park. The park had always been known for fairly small time until the turn of the century after two massive coasters were installed at the park, The Millennium Coaster and the Odyssey coaster adding a huge attraction to all across the UK. The Odyssey is the likely highlight as this suspended coaster stands at 167 feet tall with a 124 foot vertical loop. Other thrill rides include the Beast and Volcano to keep the thrill seekers happy.

On the flip side there is also rides for the family, the popular powered coaster Rhombus Rocket and a family favourite Log Flume ride among the rides for the all ages. The park suffered from years of no investment before being brought out of administration and enhancements being made to the park once again. Sadly the park are firm believers that the  day market is a huge draw to the area when in the retail climate takes the park from being a theme park, to a sea side fair.

Old Gallery: 2008

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