Welcome to Harbour Park located in Littlehampton. Back in the 90’s Billy Smart had Harbour Park as one of the best seaside fairs on the South coast. With fast thrill rides, big roller coaster and a brilliant Ghost Train. As the park was given the modern spin the roller coaster was moved to the hill, before being replaced with crazy golf. Any fast ride was removed and even the more modern ride which gave a good laugh in the Horror Hotel was also removed.

The park somehow has the same Waltzer as the 90’s with Dodgems, Caterpillar style coaster and single drop flume, with a selection of Children’s rides. For the very young this can seem a good ride lineup, however at £20 for a wristband its twice as expensive as Funland and more expensive than Brighton and even Blackpool! The look of the park is very nice, the price alone is enough to push people away.

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