Welcome to Pleasure Beach Blackpool, a park with so much history and one of the best theme parks in the UK. Whatever your thoughts of Blackpool as a whole we have to say it is one of our all time favourite places to visit, with a huge selection of rides and attractions for all the family. Looking at just the theme park its home to more coasters than anywhere else in the UK, from classic wooden coasters to the tallest coaster in the UK in the Big One. New for 2018 is the UK’s first double launched roller coaster ICON, a simply incredible roller coaster not to be missed!

That’s not all though, thrill rides in Ice Blast shooting you 180 foot in the air along with the spin crazy Sky Force really add to the thrill seekers day out. For the family a host of classic attractions, Alice in Wonderland, Ghost Train and Wallace and Gromit headline for all or for the really brave the Wild Mouse and as voted many years in a row the best water ride in the world, Valhalla. There is something for everyone at Blackpool to much to list, its clean with a great selection of entertainment and attractions for all ages.

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