The third year in the Fright Night history and this year was probably the best, returning were the favourites which include the 3D Freak show and the Freezer. This being accompanied by the Carnival of the Bizarre which is new for 2004.

On arrival at the park you may well be fooled into thinking that Fright Nights had been cancelled, there was NO indication that it was on! No sign over the entrance like previous years and a very small customer notice sign just past the entrance. In fact its not until you come across one of the Fright Night maps (likely to be Lost City) that you realise there’s something going on. Poor show was the park decoration, or lack of it, although designed to “Thrill” rather than “Comic” (Chessington) There is more that could have been done to make the place look better. Bar the poor attempt at decoration of some control booths, there was nothing visible.

For all that are going or have been the Mazes open at 4pm, and it’s likely that queues will start up to an hour before hand (especially for the Freezer) so make sure you are in that area if you want to get on quick.

Starting with the 3D Freak show, well there was very little (in fact no) difference to last year, OK there was a little extra decoration in the queue line, but very little in the way of change. For all that have been on it you will know what to expect, for those that haven’t be prepared to get your 3D glasses on and walk in groups of 4-5 around the Freak show Maze, expect things and actors to pop out at you and try to scare the living crap out of you as you walk! It’s not the best, and this year was no exception, it’s worth a go, but don’t be queuing for long (i.e. do this at 4pm with no queue)

Next was the Carnival of the Bizarre, and a hint for this. Yes it is a free attraction, but stand back and do the maths. Up to 15000 people in the park (on busy day) 7-8 shows a day only (opens at 6pm, has been running late) these numbers do not go together!!! If you want to make sure you get in, pay £2 and pre-book your time. This could have been the biggest disappointment of the day; I was perhaps expecting too much, but the clips from last year in my view, was a far better idea. With no really theme, the Carnival is basically a freak show, people doing different shows (spiders, snakes and scorpions) A couple of jugglers (credit to these guys they were excellent) A women that can fit in a box, a guy with stretchy skin and a women who smiles while having her neck sliced (great effect but why leave her to bleed for effect?) and it was not a great Fright Night show in my view to scare, with last year feeling much more effective, although take this as you like as people are scared by different things.

The Freezer…. what can I say about this… Its a missed attractions and was one of the best Thorpe Park had delivered.