Fright Nites brought 2 new attractions to the park, of which the best would have had to have been The Freezer. A real maze the freezer was dark, moderately scary, and used plenty of effects for the people that dared to go in. Smoke, Lights and  mirrors just some of them. The actors were very good, throughout the whole attraction, excellent make-up, brilliant effects, popping out of anywhere, these weren’t for the youngsters!

The Freak show 3D was another attraction added for the Fright Nites, and this too was a very good show. Placing on 3D glasses as you enter you go in as groups of six and as with the freezer hands on shoulders of the person in front at all times, no touching of the actors allowed. The effects were very good again. The actors were very well hidden, blending in with the backgrounds and in cupboards which scared the life out of people! Excellent 3D effects, on the walls, the floors and as some may remember the revolving tunnel that used to be in the X-Queue. A great walk through was well worth the visit.

The Fright Zone was made up of a couple of light effects and a couple of monsters only, the area also was playing The Vampire tune which to hear at Thorpe was actually quite weird!

Being the first year for the park, too much theme was perhaps not going to happen, why spend the money if it wouldn’t be a success? Also I could see money saving due to the 10 million spent on Colossus for 2002, and Nemesis Inferno the following year. Small pieces of theme were placed around the biggest of which by Detonator.

Apart from the obvious attractions Fright Nites also give you the chance to ride nearly everything in the park in the Dark!!! This is defiantly an experience if nothing else. Few rides do close, the whole of Octopus’ Garden closed at 6 O’clock (obviously the Fright Nites are not aimed at the people in that area) The Farm, Railway and water bus all closed between 4 and 4.30 pm. Out of the main rides Logger’s Leap closed at 4 pm due to the fact it has no lights. Everything looks different in the dark…

In the gallery are some pictures taken from the park at night (sorry about some of the quality, its difficult to take evening pictures in 2002!) there were some very impressive rides in the Dark as well, in my view, as some disappointing. Colossus looks great, Greens, Whites and Purple lights really highlights the ride for as good as what it is. Good lighting for Vortex, Detonator, Depth  Charge and RRR.

I have to say I was disappointed with lighting on both Tidal Wave, and Calgary Stampede. Tidal wave I hoped would have better light effects for the water splash and the general landing, rather than just up the lift hill. Calgary Stampede has lights all over it!!! And none of them work! Disappointed there, but overall very good for everything.