Toadies Crazy Cars was originally opened in 1987 as the old crocks rail road, back then sponsored by the AA.

But in 2001 it was given a new lease of life and changed into Toadies Crazy Cars where the Wind and the Willows theme came into play. Back then probably more popular with the children than now in modern day.

The ride is 100% better though, sit in you powered car and make your way around Toadies grounds seeing famous characters and Toad at the end!

The ride was shortened slightly in 2003 ready for Land of the Dragons in 2004, however is still a good length and can be enjoyed by the family.


Manufacturer: Zamperla
2 minutes approx
Year Opened:
1987 (old crocks) 2001 (toadies)
On Ride Photo:
Little Adventurer
Previous Names:
Old Crocks Railroad

Guests under the height of 1.1 metres are required to be accompanied by an adult.
Toadies Crazy Cars is designed for children, but comfortable for families.

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