Over the years much construction outside of the major roller coasters has taken place at the park, other construction has some of the key moments. Check through some of the other construction below.

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Zodiac didn’t have the best time in 2002, in-fact the ride opened for a max of 5 weeks (and that may be a little generous!)


Two pictures from 2003 include the new ride for the year Eclipse in construction stages, and then on the other end Calgary Stampede at the end of the season. At the bottom, pictures of Quantum testing on opening day and in the weeks after when the ends were still on the ride, which were removed due to weight issues.


Samurai the new ride had a fair bit of downtime in 2004, the other thing that happened in the park was the Teacup Twisters becoming Storm in a Teacup, Exclusively revealed name and pictures here during close season.


Early April – quite a lot has happened in 2005 with the obvious construction of Rush, new screaming swing for 2005.

April – Samurai not functioning well with more downtime.

April 29th – First ever video of testing! HERE

May 6th – Still waiting for all the air tanks to be fully installed, however the area is nearly fully prepared.

May 8th – Rush is now up and running, and by the looks of things at full speed too! Videos of testing also:
Video 1 Download
Video 2 Download

September 30th – With Detonator being down for just over a week, cables looked to have arrived so the ride can be up and running before Fright Nights.


April – Close season repairs on Rush are in evidence as the ride is late to open for the season.


Early September – Saw A live remains closed with all signs removed, Club Nights is all set up in the Dome as well as Rush has had a paint touch up on the arms.

End September – Fright Night preparation is now well under way but Samurai has a mid season breakdown, causing many issues the ride is taken apart.

October – The dedication of the park get Samurai and Slammer back open after Slammer had been down for several months


March – Stealth has had it’s bunny hop re-painted, mainly due to the fact that the Tidal Wave supports have also been re-painted for the new season.


As some of the park opens for February half term, some rides are still receiving some winter maintenance, along with some new advertising for photos in 2015.

March 9th 2015  – As the park opened for 2015 there was still a lot of work going on in the park, with I’m a Celebrity still being completed along with much work around the park still to be done.

March 26th 2015 – Still some bits happening around the park, with Vortex closed, Tidal Wave still closed and a new game being constructed close to Colossus.

19th June 2015 – Parts of Colossus seem to have had test paint applied, perhaps indicated during the close season the ride may finally get its new coat of paint. Amity Beach is now ready to go for the Summer season.

August 13th 2015 – Samurai is in pieces after extended downtime as the fate of the ride hangs in the air once again.

October 2015 – Samurai starts to be pieced back together whilst Vortex is also gets some needed attention. The park are also preparing for Fright Nights. Tidal Wave is also shut for the remainder of the season.