Over the years much construction outside of the major roller coasters has taken place at the park, other construction has some of the key moments. Check through some of the other construction below.

March 13th

Thorpe Park re-opened for the 2016 with the hype over Derren Browns Ghost Train, but other little things were still going on around the park. Firstly with the possible removal of Loggers Leap comes a brown fence around the ride, with an “area under development” sign posted up. Rides still receiving close season treatment include Samurai, Colossus and Rush all pictured below.

Cameras, much like Chessington have been placed up everywhere with Thorpe’s a little less hidden. Nitrogenie Ice Cream will be opening shortly down by the Ghost Train along with what is likely to be the VIP area like Chessington’s opening on the old games site under Nemesis Inferno. Rush has a new sign for the year as to does Amity Beach with the previous Roast and Relish of Swarm Island replaced by Pulled Meat.