Thorpe Parks tallest and fastest coaster, Stealth can be seen from anywhere…. Including the motorway!

Standing at 205 feet Stealth is a launched coaster, with a very simple, yet effective layout. Out the station, up 205 feet, turn, back down, small bunny hop, and into station, in less than 15 seconds! Don’t be fooled by it being a quick ride, its the sheer power of the ride that will leave you breathless, hitting 80 m.p.h in under 2 seconds is the quickest many people will ever go, and you won’t forget it!

Stealth is a must ride, whatever the queue you will be blown away by the force alone!


Visitors: 20 per train (3 in total,
2 at any time)
Manufacturer: Intamin
On Ride Photo?:
Year Opened:
Extreme Thrills
0-80 in under 2 seconds
205 feet

Guests must be over 1.4 metres to ride Stealth. Guests with chest measurements approaching 51 inches may be unable to ride.

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