Another ride that you will have seen before when coming across Quantum, its a standard magic carpet ride although not as popular these days, much like Zodiac can still pack punch.

Guests are seated on a carpet like base, in rows of four you are taken round as round in both direction, giving you the weightless and making your stomach churn!

The ride can go in both directions (and will) and is usually set on a fairly tame settings, however don’t be fooled, if you watch the On-Ride Video you’ll see just how insane this ride can be as its really comes into its own!

Usually nice quick queues, Quantum is not one to be missed on your visit.


Height: 39 feet
1 min, 30 secs
On Ride Photo?
Year Opened:
Thrilling and Fun

Guests must be over 1.2 metres to ride Quantum. (chest and size restrictions also apply)

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