The Swarm was the new ride for 2012, but this isn’t just a ride it’s huge and will immerse  you into the moment.

The wing rider roller coaster is one of only two in the Europe and features a rather thrilling inverted drop followed by some close scenes as you fly around the war zone. The theme is the best at Thorpe Park and is already regarded as one of the best coasters.

With an experience similar to AIR (Galactica) in smoothness and intense like Nemesis Inferno The Swarm hits you through 5 inversions and twists you world around. The ride offers a good mix of speed, action, close encounters and thrills to keep everyone happy. With the backwards facing seats removed for 2016 you can once enjoy the near misses of The Swarm from any seat.


Height: 127 feet
57mph approx
On Ride Photo?:
Year Opened:
Extreme Thrills

You must be over 1.4 metres to ride The Swarm. Guests approaching 51 inch chest measurements may not be able to ride.

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