The Depth Charge may well be the first ride you notice when you exit the dome, with the giant forty foot water slide right in front of you.

And that’s what it is, a giant water slide consisting of four lanes. After the large climb you are seated in the boat (two people max) you are then lifted up and raced to the bottom!

It is a fun ride although the queues can be massive on a hot day with only four lanes. Watch out though! Two people in a boat and you may get quite wet! The ride has received all new boats for 2013 although the on-ride photos have been removed and replaced with fastrack.


Height: 40 feet
White Water West
On Ride Photo?
Year Opened:
Thrilling and Fun!

Guests must be over 1.1 metres to ride Depth Charge. Guests under 1.2 metres must be accompanied by an adult.

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