Back in 2000 Amity Cove made its way into Thorpe Park, and along with it, came the very impressive Tidal Wave!

This is not only a massive spectacle of a ride, but also a wild wet one, travel up in your boat, and drop down 85 feet into a pool of water. Producing a 40 foot wave, you will get
very wet.

Its one of the more noticeable rides when you walk in the park, mainly due to the massive wave it creates, stand and watch to get wet, or climb on board, either way a Tidal Wave will hit Amity Cove!


Height: 26 metres
850 metres
2 minutes 16 seconds
Visitors per hour: Up to 1200
Manufacturer: Hopkins
On Ride Photo?:
Year Opened:
Thrilling and Fun

Guests must be over 1.2 metres to ride Tidal Wave.

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