Rattlesnake is the main feature of Mexicana, set into the ground the ride itself doesn’t look that big from the outside, but the clever theme hides the rest of the ride away nicely.

Climb on board this “wild mouse” roller coaster in a car which can hold 4 you are taken up, then released through tight turns with hidden drops non stop through this highly themed ride.

Although Rattlesnake is nothing special in terms of ride type, the theme and being set half underground really add to the ride experience making it a must ride when you visit the park.

It is also one of only two rides rides which holds a 1.4 metre height restriction and is again one of the only thrill rides at Chessington, so if you like the fast rides Rattlesnake is not one to miss!


Manufacturer: Maurer Sohne
Height: 50 feet
Time: 1 minute approx
Year Opened: 1998
On Ride Photo:
Brave Adventurer

Guests need to be a minimum height of 1.4 metres to ride Rattlesnake. Maximum height is 1.96 metres applies.
In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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