A true classic ride the Flying Jumbos are one of the oldest rides in the park and among the children is also one of the most popular. The ride used to be located in circus world and was moved into Toy Town where it was changed from a lever pull to a button rise and fall. It’s now located in the ZUFARI area of the park and has been re-themed accordingly grey from the famous pink.

Quite simple the ride has flying elements, press the button to go up then let go to come back down again.

The ride can get very popular and although there is no height restriction, children under 1.1 metres will have to have an adult present while riding.


Manufacturer: Barbieri
Height: 15 foot approx
Time: 2 minute approx
Year Opened: 1987
On Ride Photo: No
Intensity: Little Adventurer

The Flying Jumbos has no height restriction, Guests under the height of 1.1 metres are required to be  accompanied by an adult.

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