Chessington’s latest coaster came back in 2004 with Land of the Dragons and very few thought how good Dragons Fury would be, this taking in to account the family direction the park was heading in. But a massive surprise was in store with Dragons Fury being one of the best rides of its type in the world!

Unlike some, Dragons Fury will spin you all the way around the track, starting off with a massive Immelmann turn before making your way around the whole of the Land of the Dragons and back to the station.

Just like the Vampire, Dragon’s Fury also features a unique second lift hill, which actually helps keep the ride flowing and if the mix in the car is right the following pieces of track and send you into a furious spin!

A family ride Dragons Fury is one of the most popular at the park and is not something to be missed!


Manufacturer: Maurer Sohne
59 feet
540 metres
Up to 45mph
Year Opened:
On Ride Photo:
Brave Adventurers

You must be a minimum of 1.2 metres to ride Dragons Fury, Guests over 1.96 metres will not be able to ride. In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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